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ProjectArt Resident
Teaching Artist Work
(2023 - 2024)

Support local Detroit kids and artists at ProjectArt's 2024 exhibition! ProjectArt transforms public libraries into vital cultural hubs through artist residencies where local artists teach free, after-school art classes to local youth. In partnership with the Detroit Public Library, ProjectArt Detroit provides free, high-quality art classes to kids ages 4-18 in four Detroit Public Library locations. The exhibition features work from 150+ Detroit students and resident artists including Stephanie Onwenu. 2024 ProjectArt Exhibition Artist reception planned for Thursday, May 9th, 2024 from 5:00-8:00pm. RSVP here.


Still Life Flowers in the Vase

Mixed Media Painting
12" x 24"

Still Life Flowers in the Vase was inspired by the three week lesson plan project “Still Life Painting and Mixed Media Art Technique” where students practiced drawing and painting everyday objects, understanding lighting, shading and texture. This mixed media still life artwork uses acrylic painting and tree discs to illustrate the iterative process of still life drawing that nurtures the linework of the objects and creative fluidity. 

Email for inquiries.


Utopia Outdoor Art Gallery

Mixed Media Assemblage 
10" x 20"

Utopia Outdoor Art Gallery was inspired by the five week lesson plan project “Layers of Creating: Visual Story-telling + Outdoor Art Gallery Modeling” where students explored visual storytelling and mixed medium experimentation. Using landscape, recycled and upcycled materials, students built and designed a 3D model of an outdoor art gallery space. This art gallery design features an array of smaller acrylic paintings embedded into a conceptual landscape designed outdoor gallery space using canvas as the base. 

Email for inquiries.

Gathering Spaces - Ijeomalandartscapes LLC (2) - Ijeomalandartscapes, LLC..jpg


Gathering Spaces

Mixed Media Painting
14" x 14"

Gathering Spaces is an inspirational artwork that was created during the residency working with Detroit youth. Public libraries serve as the meeting grounds where we share our interests, hopes, desires, stories, moments, our full selves. Public libraries serve as the gathering space where we come together to meet, gather and collectively share public space.


Collaborative Art Flip Book

Mixed Media, Paper, Marker, Oil Pastels, Elmer’s Glue
5" x 6.5"

Collaborative Art Flip Book was inspired by the four week lesson plan project “Collaboration and Exploration: Works Through Artmaking” where students explored the world of art, collaborations and art exploration activities of diverse styles, mediums and themes. Collaborative Art Flip Book was created as part of a collaborative art project with guest speaker and fluid acrylic painting artist, Deborah Walters who started her art career through Detroit Public Schools art programs and later at College for Creative Studies. Through this collaborative art project, students utilized Deborah's acrylic paint pour dripping to create a mixed media artwork that resulted in handmade journals, notebooks and posters.

Email for inquiries.



Natural materials, wooden beads, preserved moss and branches on canvas
6" x 6" Deep Edge 

upRootED is an exploration of conceptual outdoor art spaces in the 3D form shown on canvas using natural materials. What do you get when you combine art and the study of landscape design? Nature’s play at its best! Paint scraps utilized as art markers in the public landscape. Repurposed into artwork from paint scraps donated by fluid acrylic painting artist Deborah Walters.

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