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Ijeomalandartscapes LLC explores the intersections between art, design, history, and culture. Ijeoma, originating from West Africa of the Nigerian Igbo language meaning “a wish of happiness or a safe journey in life” speaks on the vision of each piece, its message, and delivery into the world (the process). 

"The art form process of Ijeomalandartscapes LLC is created through creative expression, design and storytelling.

It is the relationship between the landscape and how art can be used as a tool to create, design, experiment and to challenge the norm."

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Stephanie Onwenu is a visual artist, multifaceted creative and landscape designer. Her work explores the intersections of human needs and the roles they play in the natural and built environment, while also connecting spaces and places to the people who define it. Stephanie is a Detroit native and an alumna of Michigan State University, where she graduated with a Bachelors of Landscape Architecture degree and a Masters of Arts in Environmental Design degree. She enjoys taking a multifaceted creative approach to design through her artwork at Ijeomalandartscapes LLC using natural materials, 3D art and modeling as an expressive tool to convey ideas and concepts.


Each mixed media art piece is made with a variety of preserved moss, acrylic paint, natural materials, accessories and stones for a beautiful and maintenance-free greenery. She takes pride in uniquely hand-crafting each artwork piece as one of a kind.

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